Zego Insurance Designing the Future of Flexible Insurance

Zego are a vehicle insurance company that use telematics to save their customers money.

UX & UI Design
Design Systems

Zego wanted to discover new opportunities for their product, and turn that into a north star their teams could build over three years.

Discovery #

Our first step was to immerse ourselves in the product and industry. Zego had an established research team and hundreds of existing findings for us to absorb.

We researched their direct competitors and documented their approach to branding, tone of voice, design, user experience, and unique selling propositions.

Our next step was to understand what was working and what wasn’t. We started with one-to-one stakeholder interviews to get into what each team member wanted to do and why. This works well because you think about your workstream, and it gives us insight across the business.

Zego App Design.

Workshops #

With the information we’d learned in the stakeholder interviews, we prepared and facilitated a series of ideation workshops to help solve the problems we found.

By prioritising themes brought up during the interviews, we had a good idea of what issues needed solving and who cared about them. We rewrote the problem statements as “How Might We’s” and had the teams ideate solutions we could consider.

These fun and informal sessions gave us plenty of ideas to work with and, combined with dot voting, a clear vision that the north star product needed to resemble.

Zego Remote Workshop.

The North Star #

By collating and prioritising everyone's ideas, we began to piece together what their product could be, their "north star".

Leaning on our experience and applying the business needs to our thinking, we came up with a concept that would work for B2C and B2B customers in one app.

We took a user-centred approach to solve issues with onboarding customers by making the conversion funnel as painless as possible based on existing data and user interviews. And we introduced the use of machine learning to streamline the ID checking process.

Our new onboarding flow shows customers a price as early as possible. Then, as users share more information, their quote becomes more accurate, hopefully, lower, to encourage progression through the funnel.

Zego Prototype Screens.

Design System #

To help Zego iterate quickly and scale, we built a comprehensive design system using Figma. We worked closely with the Zego designers and engineers, figuring out what elements would work for the brand while keeping the system accessible and developer-friendly.

It's essential that everyone involved in developing or using the design system feels ownership of it, so we encouraged them to use and give feedback early on. We also set up a dedicated slack channel and daily stand-up to help with communications.

Zego Design System Components.

Atomic Design #

We use atomic design to break down components and create a clear hierarchy that enables fast systemic changes thoughout a design.

Zego Prototype.

Extensive Documentation #

A Design System is more effective when its knowledge is easy to access. Documentation helps ensure visual consistency and brand harmony across elements and detailed practical considerations. This allows for a smoother transition and shared language between designers and developers.

Zego Design System Documentation.

Closing the engagement #

Our focus toward the end of a project is to ensure that we’ve done everything possible to leave sustainable processes and tools in place.

With that in mind, we embedded ourselves in the App to help them use the system and test out some of the hypotheses from the North Star concept designs.

We helped them refine the backlog of work they didn’t have capacity for and applied design thinking to solve those problems. We gave them a head start and equipped them with plans on how to go about testing those designs.

Results #

We worked with the app team to run an early A/B test validating some of the core concepts of our designs. Very quickly we proved that our approach had a conversion uplift of 15%, a huge win for Zego, and absolutely in line with our hypothesis.

15%increase in conversions