Case Study

Politics in Action

How a rebrand and website generated more funding and external awareness.

Who is Politics in Action?

PiA are a charity based in Belfast that works with young people to educate them about politics and help them find their voice. They are connecting the idea of learning about politics and helping young people take action and holding those in charge to account.

Politics in Action wanted a new visual identity that reflected the changes they were going through

The Problem

When Paul joined as Executive Director, he quickly noticed that PiA didn't have a good social presence and the website needed work. They wanted a brand that would reflect their growth as an ogranisation. So they decided to start fresh including a whole rebrand involving the young people they work with.

Brand Strategy

It was really important to the team that young people were at the centre of the process and that they had significat input in the process. So we ran the brand strategy workshops with the PiA staff and a working group of young people.

Our strategist helped to clarify what they wanted to communicate and who they wanted to communicate it to.

The team loved how helpful our strategist was and how their enthusiasm kept the young people engaged. And they found it useful to have the workshops online as it helpoed to work around everyone's schedules. The workshops very clearly show what is going to be covered that day, they are educational as well as leaving lots of time for questions and discussions after each section.

Visual Identity

We use the stratgey as the basis for the visual identity development. The brand design symbolises the onging and engaging dilogue, which is particularly important with the political challenges they face in Northern Ireland. Their new brand demonstrated their brand values.

Web Design & Development

We helped them figure out exactly what content and copy was needed on the website. Our team of copywriters and web designers delivered everything they wanted:

  1. Make donating easy
  2. Clear messaging
  3. Easy to update

PiAs young people launched the brand at the 25th anniversary event of the Good Friday Agreement

The Result

Since the rebrand and website launch, PiA have used their new branding to secure more funding demonstrating that having a strong identity and clear message is getting their work as an organisation taken seriously.

They've found it easier to communicate and align internally. Through clarity on who they are and what they are trying to communicate, helping them stay on the same page, especially helpful given their plans to expand and recruit into the team.

And external awareness is at an all time high for them, providing them with a great foundation moving forward to build on.


Executive Director testimonial.

I really couldn't recommend them highly enough, particularly for people in our sector... work with somebody ethically grounded that sees the value in your work.

Paul Smyth

Executive Director

Project Manager testimonial.

If you are thinking about rebranding Darkside have been fantastic from start to finish.

Thérèse Cullen

Project Manager

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