The Laser Lounge Luxury Treatments Going Mobile First

The Laser Lounge is a luxury aesthetic medispa in Media City, Salford.

Web Design

The Laser Lounge.

The Laser Lounge wanted to convert more of their mobile visitors into customers.

Discovery #

First things first, we need to understand what the business wants to achieve. The laser lounge wanted to convert more of its mobile visitors into leads. To do that, we set about giving those visitors a significantly better mobile experience.

Their site is based on WordPress with the pages built with Elementor, and they'd recently started using WooCommerce to offer package deals.

Laser Lounge Finished Design.

Strategy #

We re-designed their mobile header to include access to the shopping basket and phone link, the two main things missing from the mobile design.

The legibility of the website text was poor, so we introduced stronger colours to the brand palette making the site more accessible and inclusive.

We created a series of iterations that would solve the common issues their website was facing. And took them through our thinking and process.

Laser Lounge Screens.

Results #

The immediate effect of our work was a 3X increase in leads.

The business was so happy with the results they've engaged with us on an ongoing basis to improve their conversion rates and manage their website full-time.

3x increase in leads

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