Car Finance 247 Getting More Drivers Behind the Wheel of Their Dream Car

UX & UI Design
Web Development
Car Finance 247.

Client #

CarFinance 247 is a leading car finance company in the UK, founded in 2006 and headquartered in Manchester. They offer a wide range of car finance options to drivers in the UK, including personal contract plans, hire purchase agreements, and car leasing.

A trusted name in the car finance industry for over a decade, and they've helped thousands of drivers get behind the wheel of their dream car.

CarFinance 247 wanted to win more customers by serving them better.

Discovery #

75% of visits to the site are on mobile and usability testing proved their one page application form had problems.

Using the browser back button would clear the form, and there were some unhelpful validation messages.

So, we set out to improve page speed and design in order to create better user experience and ultimately increase conversions.

Car Finance 247 Mobile Website Homepage.

Design and Build #

We ran a design workshop with the team and turned the output of that into a series of wireframes.

To validate our ideas we built a prototype and tested it with users to see if they felt that spreading out the form over multiple pages made it feel easier.

We used the positive results from those sessions to green light a more complex MVP build.

Focussed on building for speed and inclusivity our team constructed a Vue.js web app.

We used state mangement to control the UX across multiple pages, and used exisiting APIs to submit application data.

CarFinance 247 Prototype Screens.

Results #

A faster, better user experience for CarFinance 247 customers produces a 31% jump in conversion rate for users starting an application from the mobile site.

And a 20% increase in users completing an application using our new application form.

20%increase in applications

“Focusing on mobile web optimisations has significantly helped speed and performance, which can ultimately be tied to increased conversions. What this really means is: lots more happy people who are getting into their new car, thanks to us.” Paul Stevens, Head of UX and Design, CarFinance 247