UX Design

Use data and customer insight to perfect your digital experience, without the time wasting.

As business owners we sometimes spend so much time on our website that we become blind to its problems. And we're your fresh pair of eyes. We don’t hold back when it comes to our work. Dismal design? Crap Copywriting? We’ll tell you, and get it fixed.

User Experience Design is all about how customers interact with a product, in our case, websites and apps. Our job is to identify your customer's biggest pain points and fix them to give your customers a fantastic overall user experience.

Work with some of the best UX designers in the UK and Europe. And no, we don’t measure that with bought and paid for industry awards like others. You can measure us through the impact of our work.

Our work #

Our 5 Step UX Process #

Discovery and Workshops #

The success of your project hinges on how well you’ve researched and analysed your challenge. Our discovery process answers questions you didn't know you had.

We talk to your target demographic. Delve into the data you have. Take stock of the competition to get a complete view of your market. And workshop ideas with you and your team to make use of your ideas and industry experience.

The most successful brands inform their decisions like this. Have honest conversations and include everyone in the process. You’ll never waste time and money developing the wrong thing again.

"Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I'll spend the first four sharpening the axe." Abraham Lincoln

Hire a UX designer to help you with ideas, create wireframes, sketch user flows, prototyping, and usability testing sessions. Solve problems and take action through collaborative workshops.

Get buy-in from the team by involving them in the process. You don’t need to prepare anything, and no design skills are required.

Create clickable prototypes to bring your ideas to life. Perfect for communicating design and development requirements to your entire business.

Wireframing and Prototyping #

Wireframes are simplified visual layouts of pages. They’re quick to bring to life, so they're great for communicating ideas. Designing like this helps us stay focussed on the most critical parts of a user experience. Most wireframes tend to be done in a single colour to avoid distraction.

Prototyping brings wireframes to life so you get a feel for how your new website or app would work in real life. Making your screens seem interactive and clickable makes the product come to life.

Copywriting and Content #

Having a good looking website is one thing. But, we overlook the essential part of what we’re saying to our users. Words have the power to influence the decisions your users are making. And if you ignore the quality and consistency of your copywriting. You’re missing out.

Imagine your website copy as a real-life conversation with your user. Now read it out loud, or use our trick and get a screen reader to do it for you.

Is it easy to understand? Does it answer their questions? Is it defusing objections before they enter your customer's mind? And most importantly, is it interesting?

Because if you can’t hold their attention, it doesn't matter how well you do the rest. If you’ve never had your content reviewed professionally, then I guarantee it could be working much harder for you.

As a nice little bonus, good copywriting helps you get found in search engines too. Better user engagement means better rankings.

Is all the information your users need on your website? Are you making it easy for them to find? Or is it buried in 2-year-old blog posts? A good content strategy takes control of your information architecture. So your users can find what they want quickly, and you have fewer pages to maintain.

UI Design #

UI designers create user interfaces - that’s what it stands for. In the early days of the web you might have called this the GUI, which stands for Graphical User Interface. These designers translate ideas and wireframes into breathtaking visuals.

UX vs UI design

What's the difference between UX and UI design? UX focused designers spend their time finding out what a product should do, why it needs to do it, and how that should be implemented. Where UI design focuses on how it looks. Both are important to a great product.

The user interface designers I’ve worked with have often had some overlap between these skill sets.

Great UX designers don’t need to be great graphic designers, but it’s a nice bonus.

You might have heard of product designers too. Imagine someone with both of these skillsets who understands how business work too.

They’d be pretty powerful in business right?

Zego Prototype.

CRO and Experimentation #

9 out of 10 CRO experiments fail. That sounds terrible, but it’s not.

Because for every failed experiment, you’ll learn what NOT to do. And for every success, you’ve learned again and made a measurable difference.

9 out of 10 CRO experiments fail.

Experimentation isn’t about throwing everything away and starting again. It’s about making incremental positive changes to squeeze every bit of value out of your experience.

Because when your users aren't converting, you're doing something wrong somewhere. Experimenting teaches us how to stop leaving money on the table.

The UX research and design process tell us what we should start. Where we can make a difference. And why it might work for a successful CRO campaign.

“Good design is actually a lot harder to notice than poor design, in part because good designs fit our needs so well that the design is invisible,” Donald A. Norman, The Design of Everyday Things

Great UX Design is Invisible #

Have you ever asked how huge businesses like Uber, Meta, and Google make their apps seem so simple? The secret sauce here is that they're not. Sorry. Instead, they’re incredibly complex behind the scenes.

The good news is your website can get be the same, and become more intuitive and slicker. The way to do that is to use the same phycological techniques and UX design process that works for the businesses that invest in it every single day.

Simplify my website

UX Design for Digital Transformation #

If your business is taking steps to connect with a digital audience. And you want to make waves among your competitors. UX design is the perfect tool to break the mould and breathe new life and energy into your business.

We delve deep through workshops and user research in a fraction of the usual time. Bring your ideas to life through interactive prototypes, and inspire your team to build the next big thing!

Book a call with us today to take your business to the next level.

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