UX Agency UX isn’t Magic,
it’s Methodology

Make your website or app super easy to use. Solve the problems that keep you up, so you can sleep soundly and feel refreshed again.

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Some people think UX is a magic wand that instantly makes a product better, but it's not that simple.

Creating a product with a great experience takes time, effort, and a solid approach.

Results like 3X-ing your conversions is magical, but it's the methodology that makes it happen.

Our team of muggles offers user-experience design to help you with:

  • Designing websites and mobile apps.
  • Revealing issues and opportunities to improve.
  • Solving attrition and retention problems.
  • Generating more revenue from your traffic.

Can UX design really have a 9,900% ROI? #

If you've not seen the kind of results UX can give you, it sounds like rubbish. But for every £1 you invest in UX you’ll see a return of £100. Source: Forrester

Making UX design one of the best investments you can make even compared to email marketing and personalisation!

A solid UX design process minimises the guesswork and takes the best ideas from you, your dev team, marketers, and your customers to open the floodgates for your product.

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Case Studies

Get a fresh pair of eyes on it #

A UX audit from our team website or app. Feel refreshed and rejuvenated when our team identify the gaps you’ve been missing. Unblock your users, and reach that next level of growth you’ve been after.

The audit covers everything you’d expect and more. With practical recommendations for design patterns, heuristics, accessibility, visual design, layout, and copy. Perfect for any internal team to take away and put into action with no UX knowledge needed.

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User Research #

Delve deep into the minds of your users uncovering their motivations, needs, and frustrations.

Reveal insights perfect for creating a product to exceed their expectations.

Get a deeper understanding of your audience, and be better equipped to design and build a product that meets their needs.

Focus groups, interviews, and surveys are some of the different ways we get to a point where you can create a product that truly resonates with your users.

Reveal user insights

Is your product intuitive to use? #

Usability testing is like taking a sneak peek into the mind of your users.

It's like a real-world trial run of your product, allowing you to see how users engage with it in a natural setting. Outside of the laboratory conditions of your developer who claims it works fine on his machine. You’ll learn how they interact with your product, and what they actually think.

Create a product that does what it’s supposed to, and discover opportunities you never thought about.

Test with real users

Create polished user interface designs #

UX and UI design are a bit like bread and butter. When you’re making a sandwich, they make up the base of a solid digital product. With a sprinkling of visual identity added to communicate your branding, and the right messaging, you’re creating an experience unique to your business.

So UI design focuses on the visual presentation to your users across the vast array of screen sizes and visual touch points of your website or application.

Polished UI designs are created, so they’re ready to hand over to developers as their point of reference. Or you can create high-detailed prototypes to demonstrate your ideas long before it can be built.

Make your product beautiful

Improve your UX with design workshops #

Design workshops get your team aligned on goals, generate new ideas, and identify challenges.

They’re a chance for stakeholders to have a voice in the design process.

Establish a shared understanding of your product and get everyone on the same page.

Plus, they're a lot of fun! when we do them.

Planning a new app or website? Or maybe you’re going through digital transformation?

Book a workshop with us to bounce ideas around, and help guide your decision-making.

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Identify the pain points in your user journey #

User journey mapping allows you to see the steps a user takes, from their first interaction with your platform to their final goal. We need that to understand where we’re going wrong and fix it.

By seeing a bird's eye view of what your users go through. Identify opportunities to create a more seamless experience.

And get an ah-ha moment when you realise why your customers don’t convert.

Get it fixed, and pop the champagne when they do!

Identify opportunities

Turn your ideas into wireframes or a prototype #

Wireframes are like a simple blueprint for your product. It helps us map out the structure and functionality, while prototyping allows us to test and refine the design. Together, they create a strong foundation for a successful product. By making it easy to communicate how it works to investors, stakeholders, and development teams.

Wireframes are cost-effective and simplistic visualisations of apps and websites. Keeping things in low fidelity helps you to:

  • Design fast, and with agility.
  • Play with user flows without involving developers.
  • Communicate your ideas more easily.
  • Quickly iterate on feedback from your users.
  • Find the best design for your product.

Make it real

Content that inspires brand advocates #

Don’t underestimate the power of words. Good copywriting is often the only thing holding you back from greatness. Direct, clear, concise copy that’s timely and relevant is the secret sauce that most products are missing.

Having a great-looking website won’t help much if your users don’t understand it, or can't use it. You’ve got to relate to your audience and speak their language to win their loyalty.

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On-demand UX consulting #

We can slot into your current team and adapt to your preferred ways of working so you get UX help where it’s needed. Or we can work asynchronously. Either way, we’ll help you figure out how to work with a UX team effectively as part of your design and development process.

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Try new ideas and improve conversion rates with A/B testing #

Design and test new versions of your pages to objectively measure what works best.

Copy, layout, and design changes all have the potential to improve conversions.

And, there’s nothing quite like objective data, to cut through the boardroom conflicts and headbutting.

We’ll share our scientific method to turn ideas into business growth.

Increase my conversions

Branding #

When your UX is great, and you reach the point of diminishing returns. Then what?

Well, if your growth is too slow, it’s probably your branding.

“But my logo looks great”. Branding is so much more than just your logo and some colours.

Have you identified your target audience? Do you understand their motivations? Desires? Values? How they speak? No?

Well figure that out, and you can build a product they wouldn't just love. But they’d advocate for you as unofficial brand ambassadors. Using every chance they get to tell others about your service.

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Magical results through methodology

Our reputation

Darkside helped us figure out we'd been getting it wrong. Our audience is growing, and we couldn't be happier! Scott, CPO - Owaves

I've seen a drastic improvement in the number of leads coming through since working with Ben and his team. Lucie, Director - The Laser Lounge