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👋 Hey there,

Let me guess, you’ve spent hours looking for the perfect logo already?

You’ve Googled for logo ideas and seen some shockingly bad results that make you glad you’re more careful with your money?

You might have even tried online logo makers from the darkest corners of the web.

But they suck because they churn out the same old fonts, colours, and clipart over and over.

And now you’re here because...

A: You want to give your business the professionally designed company logo it deserves.

Awesome, you’re in the right place.


B: You're not sure hiring a professional is the right call just now, or you're still deciding.

And that’s totally fine.

For those of you in group B, have a skim over this page.

And if you decide that you’re better off hiring a mate who'll do it for £20, no hard feelings, and good luck with that.

If you're in group A, well, you can skip over the next section to the front of the line, and find out why you should choose us.

Having a professional logo says a lot about your commitment to your business and your customers.

You’ll make connections with new and loyal customers, helping them form an opinion about your products and services in their first impression.

Do you want your business to be successful?

Yes, otherwise you wouldn't be doing it!

Then give it a logo, that'll...

  1. Stand out among your competitors, by grabbing attention.

  2. Makes a great first impression.

  3. Is the foundation of your brand as it grows.

  4. Be memorable, and create brand loyalty.

Make sense?... Good.

So now you’re agreed a custom logo design is what you need, why should you choose us?

I mean, there are hundreds of freelancers making logos for next to nothing, so would you pay more?

Why you should choose us #

Anyone can spot stock images and auto-generated logos in a heartbeat.

It screams amateur.

To avoid this, you need a 100% original logo.

That's our speciality.

Custom-created, original designs that are well researched and flippin' gorgeous!

We’ve been creating custom logos long before Facebook was even a thing.

Like you, we value great branding, and your business needs that to take on your competitors.

Our designers save you time by doing all the research and competitor analysis.

And that your logo reflects your vision.

So your design stands out in your market.

You can feedback on every detail, every step of the way.

And there’s no risk of being stuck with a dud.

Because you’ll get unlimited concepts and revisions.

We keep designing until you love it! 😍

Here's how the process works…

The Process #

We’ve made our bespoke logo design service super simple.

  1. You make the right decision for your business and buy our logo design package.

  2. We contact you within 24 hours to learn about your business and hear your ideas.

  3. We get to work researching and creating concepts.

  4. You get the first concept designs in 4 working days.

  5. You tell us what you like and what you don't, and we tweak the design until you're 100% happy.

  6. You slap that awesome logo everywhere because you love it so much!

Get your Logo Design now! #

So the TL;DR for those of you who need a refresher, you get…

  • 100% Original Custom Logo Design.

  • Super Fast 4-day service for the concept designs.

  • Unlimited Design Concepts.

  • Unlimited Design Revisions.

  • Can be used on anything you can imagine.

  • Your Perfect Logo Guaranteed.

Get your new logo and make it real

Frequently Asked Questions #

How long does the custom logo design take? #

We complete projects in as little as 4 working days from start to finish. Though most logos need a little back and forth to perfect them, which usually takes 6-7 days.

How can a logo be used? #

The logo that we design can be used for all sorts! You’ll be able to use it anywhere digitally, like websites, apps, and social media. And you can also use it for print too. So flyers, business cards, bags, uniforms, merch, you name it, you can slap your new logo on it.

Will my design be original? #

Yes! All of the designs are 100% unique designs created just for you. We don't try to pass stock images off as our own work, unlike others.

How many changes can I have? #

As many as you need. Getting your logo right is the only thing we both care about.

Yes, you’ll have full copyright ownership of the design to trademark and use it however you'd like.

What files will I get? #

You’ll get your finished logo design as an Adobe Illustrator vector file. Vector graphics can be scaled to any size easily.

We'll also create every file you could need so you can start using your logo and brand colours straight away.

  • JPG

  • PNG

  • PDF

  • EPS vector

  • AI Adobe Illustrator (editable)

  • Color codes

  • Fonts used

What industries do you work with? #

We work with all industries, but the vast majority of our work so far has been with local service and retail businesses.

Does it matter where my business is? #

No, our team are fully remote and work with anyone, anywhere.

We're based in Manchester, England and provide extra services to companies in Salford, Bolton, Wigan, and the surrounding areas.