Brand Audit Uncover Secret Opportunities For Growth with an Intensive Brand Audit

In 10 days you get a step-by-step action plan revealing your hidden growth opportunities and where to invest wisely.

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You've done the hard bit. Your business is up and running, but it's not where you want it to be.

You know your brand could be better, but don't know where to start.

  • Are we showing up where our customers expect to find us?

  • Does our audience understand our messaging?

  • Why don't some of our ads convert?

  • Do our customers prefer us to our competitors?

  • What can we do to stand out?

  • Is our visual identity right for our audience?

If these kinds of questions keep you awake at night, we can help you start sleeping through again.

Shelley Crossie.

Why listen to us?

I’m Shelley Crossie, Lead Brand Strategist at Darkside.

Back in 2007, I was a copywriter at a major London marketing and events company.

I've taught English in high schools in Australia, Italy, and the UK.

Since 2019 I've been immersed in the incredible world of building brands. Taking ideas, and transforming them into something tangible, living, and successful.

It's my reason to get up in the morning.

Keep reading to find out how we take your brand from blah…to bold.

Shelley has been brilliant, both the team and the young people found the sessions engaging, and we all learned a lot! Paul - Politics in Action

Shelley helped us land on a Vision and Mission statement that we'd been trying to do ourselves for months. Alan - Plasmabound

The Solution

Our Intensive Brand Audit is a 1:1 in-depth, strategic blueprint to guide you on your brand- building mission.

It's our job to analyse what’s going on in your business and your brand.

We figure out what's working, and what's not, removing the guesswork and ending the indecision.

Using your insight and a whole lot of industry and audience research we create an in-depth, easy-to-follow action plan.

Your personalised action plan is a pragmatic and prioritised to-do list that gives you visibility of all the steps you'll need take.

And it makes your next move obvious.

The Process #

  • Research and Audit
    We start with in-depth research and audit of your brand, your industry, audience and competitors.

  • Live Presentation
    A 1-hour live session with our Brand Strategist to review the findings and get recommendations for building a brand with sustained success.

  • Action Plan
    You'll receive a copy of the report and the recorded presentation to help you on your way.

What's included? #

Your Brand Audit Action Plan includes key insights and recommendations for...

  • Substance
    How strong is your substance? Your purpose, vision, mission and values.

  • Audience
    Does your audience correlate with reviews and social media following?

  • Competitors
    An overview of your competitive landscape. And key insights you should know.

  • Positioning
    Is your positioning and difference clear?

  • Visual Identity
    How cohesive and well designed is your visual branding?

  • Voice
    How do you sound, and how should you sound? What will your audience relate to? How good is your tagline?

  • Personality
    What brand archetype do you convey, and what should it be?

  • Storytelling
    Do you tell your story well and does it have emotional strength?

  • Social media
    What platforms are most important. Followers and engagement performance. Demographics and audience.

  • Marketing
    Do your ads communicate your brand message? Market presence insights.

  • SWOT Analysis
    What are your brand's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats?

Timeline #

As you can imagine, anything this in-depth isn't going to happen overnight.

We've got a lot to check, research and all of your brand touchpoints to inspect.

To do a thorough job, it takes us 7-10 days.


Sounds good, how much do you charge? #

This service has been plucked from our bigger brand research process and packaged up on its own.

So for a limited time, we're offering you £1,500 off our usual price of £1,995 +VAT.

Invest today for just £495 +VAT!

Great, let's get started